Say Hello to Jay in Shipping

JR Products is dependent on getting their products out the door to customers in timely and accurate matter. One of the key factors in this being successful are the individuals managing the shipping department. With that, meet Jay Winzenried. Jay is primarily responsible for shipping out products and scheduling truck deliveries. Jay also has a vast and versatile knowledge of all departments and helps anywhere that is needed.

Jay has been with JR Products since May of 2018. When we asked him what his favorite part of the position was he stated “My favorite part of the role is interacting with drivers I get to meet on a daily basis. You never know who you will meet when someone is dropping off or picking up a shipment”.

Jay was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He even attended university in Buffalo to obtain his degree in environmental studies. He has two siblings, which are twins, and was given the honor to be a god father to his youngest of two nephews.

When Jay is not at work, some of his past time hobbies include watching the Toronto Blue Jays and routing for the Buffalo Bills. He also enjoys playing Fantasy Football and visiting various stadiums whenever possible. And when time permits he enjoys woodworking as a hobby and nurturing his house plants.

An interesting fact about Jay, is that he is the proud owner of two Pike Cichlids. One is named Josh and another is named Allen. Josh lives in a 35 GAL tank with a bottom feeders named Nuts, and Allen lives in a 55 GAL tank with a bottom feeder named Gomez.