My product appears to be broken and your package says it is under warranty. How do I get a replacement?

Our website has an easy-to-use warranty claims form.  Please go to www.jrproducts.net/warranty  and fill out the required details to see if you are eligible for a free replacement product.

How do I know if my product is under warranty?

A lot of our original packaging your product came in states the warranty.  If you do not have the original package, you can visit our website and search for your product.  The warranty for each product is listed in the product details.

How can I tell if the broken product in my RV was manufactured by JR Products so I can claim the warranty?

A lot of products look identical.  JR Products does not supply the manufacturer of your RV with products.  If the unit that broke came with your RV, your warranty claim is with the manufacturer of the RV.  If, however, you purchased one of our products as an aftermarket replacement, be sure to keep your receipt and / or original packaging.  This is proof of purchase for our product to claim our warranty.

Does it matter how old my broken part is to claim the warranty?

A lot of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty.  Those products will be under warranty for the life of the product, however long that takes.

What is your warranty process?

Once we verify that the product is manufactured by JR Products and under warranty, simply return the product to us with a proof of purchase (receipt or original packaging).  We will mail you back a replacement product at no charge.

Customer Service

I’m a retailer looking to sell your products online or in my store. How do I get started?

Please visit www.jrproducts.net/findarep to find the sales rep in charge of your area.  Their contact information is located on there and they will be able to assist you further.  If you would like to speak with someone at our corporate office, please email us at sales@jrproducts.net.

Where I can I buy your product?

Our products are available at over 4,500 retailers in the US and Canada.  Please visit www.jrproducts.net/dealer-locator to find a local dealer to purchase our products from.

I can’t seem to find someone within driving distance to purchase your products from. Can I get them online?

Yes, most of our customers have a website you can purchase our product through.  Simply open your favorite web browser and be sure to type BOTH JR Products AND the part number you are looking for.  You will find a lot of options to purchase that product at competitive prices.

I’m still struggling to find what I am looking for and I’ve looked locally and online. Can we buy It directly from you?

JR Products doesn’t sell retail direct in order to protect our retailers who carry our products.  You will see a “buy now” button next to most of our products on our website though.  This will allow you to purchase the product through our customer network (Please note, this is supplied by the dealer located closest to you, not directly from JR Products.  They have a separate customer service phone number and returns process to pay attention to.)

Do you have a contact number to call and speak to someone?

Yes.  800-269-7622.  Due to several staffing shortages, you will most likely need to leave a voicemail.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  You will find a majority of your answers quicker in this FAQ forum.

Can I have a catalog sent to me?

Unfortunately, no.  We try to be responsible with the amount of paper we use and provide as much electronic information as possible.  Our entire product offering is always most up to date on our website!  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Feel free to contact us!

Is Camp Casual part of JR Products?

Yes, Camp Casual is owned by, and a division of JR Products.  You can use the same contact numbers and emails for either division.

Technical Issues

I purchased one of your gas springs and I can’t push it closed by hand, is it locked or broken?

No.  Even though it might be a low-poundage gas spring, they are nearly impossible to push closed simply with your hands.  Once installed, they will function as intended.

I installed one of your gas springs and it won’t stay in the open position, has it malfunctioned?

It is highly unlikely for the gas spring to fail as they all pass a vigorous quality inspection before being shipped out.  Most likely, whatever it is trying to lift is too heavy for that spring.  We suggest going up in poundage.  That usually resolves the problem.

I installed one of your gas springs and it takes a lot of force to now close what it is mounted to, is it locked or broken?

No.  More than likely the poundage is too high for the application being used for.  We suggest going down in poundage.  That usually resolves the problem

I’m trying to put a gas spring on something for the first time, and there are no instructions. How do I know which one to use or where to mount the brackets?

As simple of a function that a gas spring is, mounting them is actually a fairly complex initial calculation.  If you are uncomfortable in attempting this on your own, please feel free to contact us to assist you at 800-269-7622.  Due to several staffing shortages, you will most likely need to leave a voicemail.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.  For technical service, you will normally receive a quicker response by utilizing email: customerservice@jrproducts.net  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

How do I know what curtain carrier goes with which curtain track?

We have tried to take that guessing game out of the equation for you by labeling the product with an A, B, C, D or E.  If the letter on the curtain carrier matches the letter on the curtain track, you have a successful combination!  If you are only purchasing one or the other, please visit our website and look at a picture of the product you are trying to match.  Then take note of the letter in the product details.

I need to replace a switch, but I am unsure of which one I need. What is the best way to match it up?

This can be simpler than it appears.  Step 1:  Visit our website and look through the switches until you find one that looks like what you are replacing.  Step 2:  Take special note of the wiring diagram we provide for each switch.  The amount of contacts and location of the contacts should be an exact match.  Step 3:  Once you have narrowed it down to the correct switch, look through the list of that switch to ensure you select the correct color, style, etc.