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Dear Customers, As the situation with the Coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, we are all feeling an impact to our daily lives. Our hearts are with the individuals, families and communities directly affected by this virus. The health and safety of our employees will always be a number one priority. We are taking every precaution necessary to protect our employees and… Read more »

Employee of the Year 2019

Every year JR Products gets the honor to recognize two individuals within the organization that have gone above and beyond. These individuals encompass many traits that allow them to stand out from their peers. For 2019, there were eight employees nominated, including: James, Sharon, Tommy, Bonnie, Fay, Denise, Jay and Kevin. There are so many… Read more »

Things to do in Portland Oregon!

There is so much beauty and elegance in Portland Oregon. The landscapes are exquisite, the culture is unique, and the activities are endless. It is the perfect place for an RV family vacation. No matter how much time you spend in Portland, it never seems to be enough. To simplify your RV vacation, we have… Read more »

Say Hello to Jay in Shipping

JR Products is dependent on getting their products out the door to customers in timely and accurate matter. One of the key factors in this being successful are the individuals managing the shipping department. With that, meet Jay Winzenried. Jay is primarily responsible for shipping out products and scheduling truck deliveries. Jay also has a… Read more »

Things to do in Jacksonville!

With so many places to visit in the USA, it can be difficult to determine where your next journey should take you! A popular state for many RV’ers is Florida. The weather is warm, the beaches are wonderful, and most of the cities host an array of amazing attractions. One city that is sometimes overlooked… Read more »

Meet Bonnie!

We would like you to meet Bonnie! She is a crucial part of our Production Team here at JR Products. In this position she is responsible for assembling and packaging all the great items JR Products has to offer. Bonnie has been with JR Products for almost 4 years. When we asked Bonnie what she… Read more »

Thank you, Veterans.

Thank you, Veterans. For serving our country and protecting our freedom. For your service, we would like to offer all Active and Retired veterans up to $25 of FREE JR Products items. This promotion is valid from Friday November 8, 2019 through Monday November 11, 2019 at 11:59pm. View our website, select the items you would like,… Read more »

RV’ing by the Beach!

One of the best places to camp is by the beach. You are surrounded by the beautiful water, sandy beaches, and a sunset or sunrise that is guaranteed to impress. When camping by the beach, there are usually a few extra things you will want to pack in your camper. This will ensure you are… Read more »

Keeping Insects Away from your Campsite

We all love camping. What isn’t there to love? Well, we can think of one thing, and that is insects! You try to sit outside, have your coffee and enjoy the gorgeous view… And a mosquito bites you. You keep the RV door open a moment to long… And a few ants crawl in. With… Read more »

Simple Campfire Recipes

One of fabulous things about camping, are the campsite meals you get to cook! Everything seems to taste better over an open fire. Many of us lean towards the usual campsite dishes like hamburgers and hotdogs. It’s quick and easy, right? So, we have put together a small list of simple, yet delicious recipes to… Read more »

Fun Camping Activities For Young Children

Camping is one of the best experiences you can give your children. You receive uninterrupted time as a family. You get to explore new places, spend a substantial amount of time outdoors, and build memories that will last a lifetime. To build upon those memories, adding some fun games or activities around the campsite will… Read more »

Meet Our Sales Manager

At JR Products, we are who we are, because of our associates. Everyone plays an important role in contributing to the success of our business. Sales to packaging, inventory management to HR. We thrive on providing the best service, the best parts and at affordable prices. With that being said, we would like you to… Read more »

End of Season Upgrades and Repairs

It is that time of year again. Summer is quickly coming to an end.  The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and shorter. It feels like just last week, you took the RV out for the first time. But now, you need to prepare your camper for winter. As many of… Read more »

Camping Hacks and Tips

We love spending time at the campsite. The sun shining down on us, s’more on an open fire, and the peace and serenity of nature. But with nature, sometimes there can be some minor obstacles or inconveniences. To combat that, we came up with a small list of camping hacks and tips to help you… Read more »

Essentials For Camping With Pets

The wonderful thing about RV’ing, is that most campsites allow you to bring your furry family member! Unlike a hotel where rules can be strict, and access is often limited, campsites allow you to bring your pup (or cat) along for the journey. We understand that prepping for your journey can be stressful, so we… Read more »