Employee of the Year 2019

Every year JR Products gets the honor to recognize two individuals within the organization that have gone above and beyond. These individuals encompass many traits that allow them to stand out from their peers. For 2019, there were eight employees nominated, including: James, Sharon, Tommy, Bonnie, Fay, Denise, Jay and Kevin.

There are so many amazing and talented people within the company, that it is always difficult to decide who will receive this honor. But after extensive thought, Brian Roba, company President, was able to narrow down the nominees and determine who would receive these prestigious titles.

Brian stated “Every year I have the very difficult choice in singling out 2 people who have shined above all others.  We have a lot of great people at this company and certainly many worthy candidates for our 2 annual awards.  Everyone, especially this past year, deserves a HUGE pat on the back.  That cannot be overstated.  I am very proud….like father proud……of EVERYONE at this company!”

The two awards given out for 2019 were Champion of Company Culture, in which Sharon Thrift was honored. The other award for 2019 was Employee of the Year, and that honor was given to James Rios.

Champion of Company Culture – Sharon Thrift

This award goes to that one employee who embodies what this company stands for more than anything else.  It is about professional and ethical standards.  It is even more about balancing that dynamic between being customer centric and company minded.  Our company culture is the one unwavering principal this company has stood on for its 50 years. There is nobody who stands above Sharon in this capacity.  Sharon is our #1 customer advocate, but always works withing the parameters of the companies’ best interest.   Her customers adore her, as does everyone here that interacts with her.  She is always polite & greets you with a smile.  And, not to take away from the fact she is one HECK of a sales professional!  Thank you, Sharon, for all that you do!

Employee of the Year – James Rios

This award goes to that one employee who goes above and beyond in all capacities to achieve their particular job function at a higher level than any of their peers.  It is about work ethic, tireless hours (and driving), goal-oriented vision and always company minded while achieving the highest possible outcome.  While this is a 2019 EOY award, I think this year, was just as much about what led up to James winning it.   A few years ago, James made a huge sacrifice to give up a territory without batting an eyelash to allow us to expand our sales team.  Not once did he question making our team stronger by making a personal, short-term sacrifice. James has worked tirelessly commuting back and forth to build up his new territory and make it the success that it is today.  This is 100% James and his ability to win people over with his charismatic personality.  Thank you, James, for all that you do!