Five Fall Camping Hacks

The feeling of crisp air, the vision of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns, the smell of bonfires, and ciders — fall is here.

At JR Products, we value our customers’ security and enjoyment outdoors. With the wintery air drawing closer, please consider these fall camping hacks to stay safe and camp confidently.

1. The Destination is Key

Fall is full of uniquely beautiful sights and colors. Before taking the scenic route, be sure to view the 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map for the most colorful regions.

2. Staying Warm: What to Wear

Layering is the key to staying comfortable while camping in fall. Be sure to pack layers of breathable, water-resistant clothing like those made of wool, fleece, and synthetic materials. If backpacking, remember that these items will add weight to the journey. Some essential items to bring in fall include:

• thermal underwear, or base layers with moisture wicking properties
• fleece jacket, wool shirt/sweater or other synthetic layer for warmth
• wind and water resistant outer jacket
• winter cap — for daytime use and for sleeping
• gloves/mittens, plus an extra pair in case first pair gets wet
• winter jacket (even if the weather is predicted to be warm)
• sturdy boots, with waterproof membrane
• extra shoes and plenty of extra dry socks
• rain poncho and rain pants
• plenty of changes of clothing so that you can dry out damp clothing when needed

Other items to consider: Balaclava (face stocking) and down booties.

3. Staying Warm: Hang a Tarp

Hang a tarp between trees near your tent to provide additional shelter from wind. In the case of unpredictable fall weather, hanging a tarp can also be convenient over a picnic/eating area.

4. Staying Warm: Bring Your clothes into Your Sleeping Bag

Fall mornings will be crisp. As soon as you awake, pull the clothes you plan to wear for the day into your sleeping bag with you. This allows the clothing to absorb heat before donning them.

5. Staying Safe: What to Bring

Traveling in the outdoors always requires preparation and vigilance–and fall time is no exception! Some necessities to bring include:

• headlamp and/or flashlight
• bandanna (acts as water sifter, breathing mask, makeshift bag, emergency flag, bandage)
• waterproof matches
• tinfoil (doubles as reflector to signal)
• water purification tablets (iodine can also be mixed with water for a sterilizing solution for wounds)
• small roll of duct tape
• toilet paper (doubles as trail marker)
• Vaseline-soaked cotton balls (fire starter and salve)
• a small bag to carry all of these in your pocket (rather than in a backpack you could lose)

Also be sure to bring:

• first aid supplies
• extra water and food
• flashlight
• pocketknife
• a map of the area
• a compass and/or GPS
• sunglasses

With 2021 coming to a close, try to sneak in just a few more outdoor adventures, and JR Products will be here when you decide to renew the journey once again.