10 Dollar Store camping hacks you need to know.

  1.  Use a mesh laundry bag to hang and dry your dishes.
  2.  Use a pool noodle to cover sharp knives.
  3.  Use glow bracelets at night so you don’t miss stakes in the ground.
  4.  A dry erase board is perfect for writing down your campsite number, or for family to write where they have gone,
  5.  Shower caps can be used to cover your food! The elastic allows them to easily secure around your plate.
  6.  A cake taker is a great place to store paper plates and ensure they don’t blow away on windy days.
  7.  Lanyards make a great solution for liquid soap or shampoo holders when you may have limited shelf space for bottles.
  8.  Cotton balls & petroleum Jelly. Keep a ziplock bag filled with petroleum coated cotton balls to help start fires.
  9. Use a pill container as a spice holder.
  10. Plastic zip up bags work great as a pillow protector.

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