Fun Camping Activities For Young Children

Camping is one of the best experiences you can give your children. You receive uninterrupted time as a family. You get to explore new places, spend a substantial amount of time outdoors, and build memories that will last a lifetime. To build upon those memories, adding some fun games or activities around the campsite will create additional excitement for the little ones. It will even help pass the time on those long summer days! Here are some tried and tested outdoor activities (electronic free!) for the campsite, your little ones are sure to love.

Nighttime Bowling– Place glow sticks in water bottles for nighttime bowling!

Scavenger Hunt- Have your kids search for some outdoor treasures! You can easily find a free printable list anywhere online or make your own.

Painting Rocks– Pack some paint in the camper. Then search for some fun and unique rocks to paint. You can even place them around the campsite for others to find!

Board Games– Everyone loves board games! Have a couple stashed away in a cabinet for rainy days at the campsite.

Coloring– Have crayons, markers and some paper ready. Let the kids color outside on a picnic table and make some cute artwork for the camper.

Outdoor Track for Cars– Use Tree branches, rocks, leaves. Whatever you can find and build a car track. Drive over, under and around all the fun things you find.

Sand Toys– For those beach side campsites, keep some beach toys handy. Build sandcastles, dig holes and search for seashells.

Blow Up Pool– Keep a small blow up pool in the camper for those hot days. When the kids want to cool off, simply blow up the pool and let them play.

Sidewalk Chalk– It is always exciting to color on the sidewalk or paved areas.

Bubble Dance Party– Get the bubbles going, turn on some music, and let the kids dance around. Even fun for adults too!