Keeping Insects Away from your Campsite

We all love camping. What isn’t there to love? Well, we can think of one thing, and that is insects! You try to sit outside, have your coffee and enjoy the gorgeous view… And a mosquito bites you. You keep the RV door open a moment to long… And a few ants crawl in. With the great outdoors, comes a vast number of insects. But there are a few steps you can take, to discourage those creatures and have a lovely insect free camping experience.

  1. Use damp dryer sheets to keep mosquitoes away
  2. Toss sage bundles into the campfire
  3. Use Citronella candles and sprays when possible
  4. Keep exterior lights off at nighttime
  5. Use peppermint oil throughout the RV
  6. Drain or remove any standing water at the campsite
  7. Make sure you clean up and remove all food debris
  8. Put sticky take on your power cord to keep bugs from crawling on it and into your RV
  9. Spray insect repellent around windows and doors
  10. Check your RV for small holes, or easy points of entry for small bugs