RV’ing by the Beach!

One of the best places to camp is by the beach. You are surrounded by the beautiful water, sandy beaches, and a sunset or sunrise that is guaranteed to impress. When camping by the beach, there are usually a few extra things you will want to pack in your camper. This will ensure you are prepared to enjoy long days by the water and enjoy the sand between your toes.

  1. Beach Towels, and lots of them
  2. A ‘sand proof’ beach mat
  3. A large umbrella or pop up tent to block yourself from the sun
  4. A cooler for extra drinks and snacks, especially lots of water
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Beach Toys for the kids
  7. Extra plastic bag to store any garbage you may have
  8. Keep a broom handy in your camper to brush the sand out (trust us on this one!)
  9. A portable outdoor shower to rinse the kids off
  10. A cooling pad for your dog