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10 Dollar Store camping hacks you need to know.

 Use a mesh laundry bag to hang and dry your dishes.  Use a pool noodle to cover sharp knives.  Use glow bracelets at night so you don’t miss stakes in the ground.  A dry erase board is perfect for writing down your campsite number, or for family to write where they have gone,  Shower caps… Read more »

Five Fall Camping Hacks

The feeling of crisp air, the vision of yellows, oranges, reds, and browns, the smell of bonfires, and ciders — fall is here. At JR Products, we value our customers’ security and enjoyment outdoors. With the wintery air drawing closer, please consider these fall camping hacks to stay safe and camp confidently. 1. The Destination… Read more »

Meet Joe in Sales

Meet Joe in Sales! We always enjoy featuring different employees in various departments throughout our organization. One department that is a backbone of the company is the sales department. They travel throughout the country to ensure that Dealerships have the necessary parts to service all our customers. With that, meet Joe in Sales! Joe has… Read more »

Meet Jill in Marketing

JR Products thrives on being innovative and unique with their marketing and advertising. This includes many items such as creating a new catalog or print material, coordinating trade shows, new product creation, developing promotional items, company branding, working with Warehouse Distributors and so much more. But to accomplish that, they need someone that shines in… Read more »

Camping Checklists- Part Two

Camping with the family is such a wonderful time. But it can also be a little stressful at times too. There are so many things to prepare and pack to ensure you have what you need. To make things a little easier, we have put together some essential, printable checklists, to make things a little… Read more »

Hot & Humid Camping

With this weekend’s forecast in the Northeast (high heat and humidity) and with some of us taking the weekend to head outdoors with our friends and families, it made us wonder – what are some ways to make camping and being outdoors in that kind of heat, more enjoyable? HYDRATION & STAYING NOURISHED : First and most importantly, hydrate, hydrate,… Read more »

What Makes An All-Star Team?

Since July 4th is right around the corner, it seemed like a very fitting time to share the background of some of our sales team and how it truly has made each of them, an all-star. What does it mean to be an all-star? At JR Products, we employ only those who have exceptional leadership… Read more »

RV Ready?

For some of us, March means the end of a cold, snowy and wet winter. As temperatures are getting warmer, things are turning green once again! But, before we all get too excited about it, we need to make sure our RV’s are ready and plans are made for this upcoming camping season. If you… Read more »