What Makes An All-Star Team?

Since July 4th is right around the corner, it seemed like a very fitting time to share the background of some of our sales team and how it truly has made each of them, an all-star.

What does it mean to be an all-star? At JR Products, we employ only those who have exceptional leadership skills, a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed without sacrificing integrity, quality and customer service. That being said, it’s no doubt that some of our all-star sales team comes from a military background. Both Patrick Harrington and James Rios served in the Marine Corps., J. Carter was in the Air Force and Ned Lashley in the Navy. Through their time in the military, they have gained the experiences and values that doesn’t just influence them personally, but also all the people around them here at JR Products.

Patrick Harrington – Marine Corps

Their loyalty, work ethic, motivation, and countless other attributes bring value into our company and the industry. Patrick, who was awarded 3 Navy Achievement medals as well as the Sargent Major Bestwick award, are great examples of his ambition and determination. They all understand how loyalty benefits a team’s proficiency, trust and relationships. Patrick and James met in the Marines and are still close friends over 23 years later. Not only are they all reliable,but also understand the importance of their work and the lasting relationships they build with those around them including our customers. When it comes to creating a team, there is no question that these individuals have the kind of traits our customers look for. They are trained to work towards high efficiency and know that they have a network of teammates to rely on when needed.

The time they have spent with us here at JR Products has been a proven asset. We are thankful for their military attributes that have without a doubt, made them each an all-star.

“When you serve in the U.S. Military, you gain a much more in depth understanding and appreciation of what it took to get our country to where it is today. It’s an honor working for a company that appreciates our military background, dedication and commitment.”

-James Rios

All of us at JR Products would like to wish you and family a warm and wonderful 4th of July and a summer filled with good times. We are proud to be an American company, and we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service, products and commitment to you all!