End of Season Upgrades and Repairs

It is that time of year again. Summer is quickly coming to an end.  The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and shorter. It feels like just last week, you took the RV out for the first time.

But now, you need to prepare your camper for winter. As many of you know, winterizing your camper can be a long process. But while doing so, why not make a few quick, simple and very affordable upgrades or repairs to enhance your RV journeys next year?

A very quick fix would be new Floor Registers! Maybe the kids accidentally cracked one, or something was dropped and one broke. These install in seconds, and you no longer need to worry about them next year! They even come in Black, White and Brown to match any interior.

Another easy upgrade, more Cup Holders! Who doesn’t need more cup holders? Installs in minutes, and folds away when not in use. There are even four fabulous colors to pick from, black, gray, tan and white.

Add some of your own style and flair to the camper with party lights. But first, you will need some stainless-steel Party Light Hangers. These will not rust and will grip most fabrics.

Now for a quick fix! A new Baggage Door Catch. We have all been there, trying to load up the outdoor compartments, and the door will not stay open. Remove the old one and install a new one in moments. Putting those toys, outdoor items and other accessories away will be much easier next year!

One quick repair, that will make things much easier next year, is a new Screen Door Slider. Yours may be sticking, broken, or even cracked. Simply replace that slider! There are even three colors to choose from. Now you can enjoy keeping that screen door open and keeping the bugs out.